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Right around this time of year with the chill of autumn setting in, I struggle a bit to find something to write about that truly energizes me and sets my fingers to typing. The Cubs and Sox are toast for the year, the Bulls have improved their roster but are still unproven, and the Bears have evidently been sold off by the McCaskey family, as evidenced by Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers announcing in last Sunday’s game that he owns them. Fine, They’re his problem now. 


Local, state and national level politicians continue to fall and change colors (red today; blue tomorrow) more often than the leaves on our trees. And please, don’t get me started on COVID!


Thank goodness I still have backgammon at Trudie’s Winnetka Backgammon Club to talk about. There’s always something that’s happened at the club for me to write about that puts a smile on my face. We’re not the largest or the strongest club in the Chicago area but we do know how to play the game and have fun with each other when we do. Last night, for example, we welcomed yet another new player to our club, Sehnaz Hopali, a friend of another of our newer players, Seda Memik. Sehnaz proved to be a fairly solid player, going 2-2 in her first night of play with our club. Oh, and she also seemed to enjoy being with all of us, and that’s a good thing. We hope she’ll be with us next week and every week from now on.


But the other players seemed to enjoy themselves as well. Kevin Berg was one of three players that won 3 out of 4 matches last night but he made the most of his, taking first place with a 3-1, plus 6 record. The other two players that won 3 games were Trent Zenkewicz and Denny Scully. Trent and Denny both managed 3-1, plus 4 records, leaving them tied for 2nd and 3rd place for the night.  But close behind those three was our Tournament Director Extraordinaire, David Hanold. David entered his fourth match against Kevin with a record of 2-1, plus 8 and his confidence riding high. But Kevin was not to be denied. He won the match, giving him first place and dropping David to fourth place and the master points that go with it.


All in all, a pretty competitive night at the club. But the great thing is, we get to do it all over again next week. Come join us. We look forward to seeing you. Until then, have a great weekend!