Jay's View

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We returned to play at Trudie’s Winnetka Backgammon Club last night after our one week layover because of an event at our venue, The Winnetka Community House. I hope the event was a success and important enough to interrupt our play. Word is the it was so I feel better about missing a week of play. Oh sure, there was some casual play with friends and at home with my wife during the hiatus but play at the club is always the best. 


We had a nice group show up last night and as always, there was a lot of friendly banter mixed in with the strong competitive play and I for one enjoyed it. And that’s even though my finish at the end of the evening was not optimal. It’s just a fun place to play and a great place for anyone to tune up for Rory Pascar’s upcoming 40th Chicago Open (May 25-30). 


The idea of tuning up for the Chicago Open went well in particular for our first and second place winners, Adrian Nedelcu and David Hanold. Adrian finished in first place with a 4-0, plus 8 record and David took second place with a 3-1, plus 7 record. But they couldn’t have done it without my help as they each beat me last night. I’d like to think I’ve helped them get ready for turning in strong performances at the Chicago Open.  It seems I was a little too helpful. Oh well. I still had a good time last night and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Who am I kidding??? Hey, there’s always next week. You can tell that I’m a Chicago sports fan. And speaking of next week, come join us at our club for a chance to have a good time and beat me. Hell, it seems that what everyone else does. Have a great weekend, everyone!