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Information for this week’s report come from two of my most reliable sources— our Tournament Director Extraordinaire, David Hanold and the ChicagoPoint's calendar site that is the game’s most reliable calendar for information about upcoming tournaments as well as results from those recently completed. My first tidbit is from the calendar’s results for the recent Los Angeles Open where I’m happy to report that Winnetka’s (and Chicago at-large’s) Carter Mattig placed 4th in the tournament’s Open Division. Kudos as well to two others from the Chicago area . . . to Herb Roman who was one of the top four finishers in the tournaments DMP contest, and, to Amy Trudeau who joined the team of directors running the Los Angeles tournament; not an easy or restful task. Congrats and well done to all.


The rest of my report comes from word passed along by the truly extraordinary tournament director at our club, David Hanold who was solo at the helm in my absence this week. Among the 13 players that came to the club this week were regular returnee, Mark Malueg and newcomer Larry Hearn who was referred to us by Jack Edelson, one of the game’s stronger players in the U.S. as well as the Tournament Director for the Wisconsin Backgammon Championship, coming up August 8 - 11. By the way, I highly recommend this tournament as it is very well, run features their unique  Cancelgammon side event, and is a relatively short drive from the Chicago area. So thank you to Jack and welcome to Larry.


The bottom line this week saw John Scott and Craig Anderson run through the Main bracket to the final round where they chose to split the first place prize money and master points. The master points John earned moved him up from 17th to 13th place in the standings and Craig backing his number one slot past Bob Kamp and David Hanold.In the Consolation bracket the ever popular, ever energetic Michael Peters took first place for the second consecutive week, besting Mark Malueg in what was described as “a dramatic finish”. Sorry I missed it.


I’d like to think you’re sorry you missed it too. No matter. We can both remedy that by coming to play at Trudie’s Winnetka Backgammon Club next Wednesday night. I look forward to seeing everyone then. Have a great weekend!



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