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Sorry if you couldn't make it but you should’ve been there with us last night to join in the fun across the board. We know that many of our regular players couldn’t make it because of other commitments— traveling, stuck at work, feeling a little punky. But we would have loved to see more of you join those who did come to play because, damn, the competition was intense and the atmosphere was fun-filled. I for one had and lost two knock-down-drag -out matches but still had a great time, shook hands with my opponents’ and walked away satisfied with my play. 


And I’ll bet David Rockwell and Amy Trudeau had a good time as well, considering that they each won in their final matches— Amy in the Consolation Bracket and David in the Main Bracket. The master points Amy earned moved her up from #15 to #10 and David from #6 to #4 respectively in the standings. Both players, by the way, are tuning up for their upcoming participation in the Illinois Challenge Cup in Bloomington, Illinois on Sunday, March 3rd as members of the team representing Trudie’s Winnetka Backgammon Club. If they continue their solid play at the tournament, Winnetka is looking good for winning only their second Challenge cup . . . ever, Go, Team Winnetka!


But the team’s last warm up will take place next Wednesday. Please join them for another great night of backgammon and to wish them well. Until then, play on and have a great weekend!




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