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There’s change all around us, my friends. Summer changed to autumn this past September 22 and with it came the change in the length of our sleeves and the weight of a light windbreaker for that of a fleece or sweater. Soon, temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity will be replaced with a cool, crisp breeze. We’ve transitioned from watching poor play from our city’s two major league baseball teams to watching our one mediocre football team. Hell, our club even changed its format at the end of the summer season to where we are now at the end of September. 


As proof of how the spark that last change made our club a better club, 16 strong, hale and hearty came to Winnetka this week in search of victory and fun playing backgammon. A handful of those sixteen did do well enough to get master points. But from what I saw, everyone had a great time, master points or not. Or at least I know I did. We even had one new player, Laurie Murlick, who we welcomed with open sets and a smile. Playing with our members was a great learning experience for Laurie and hopefully gave her a sense of how great it is to play at our club where she can learn and enjoy from a very nurturing group of players.


But among the 16 players was also one returnee, who played at our club regularly a number of years ago. Wright B. George has been so busy in 2022 with other interests and obligations that this week was his first and only time— so far— to play with us. Wright got it right, making the most of his once a year presence earning a split in the finals of the Main Flight with Denny Scully. His solid play not only put some coin in his pocket, but also gave him his first master points that put him square in the hunt for one of the top eight spots in our End-of-Year Elite Eight Playoff. Denny also fared well enough that night, getting enough master points to push him to the top of the Elite Eight rankings.


First place in the Consolation Round went to Tournament Director Extraordinaire, David Hanold as a result of his win over Club Director, Bill Chibnik in the Consolation final. Both players earned more master points, improving their spot in the Elite Eight.


I for one need a little change right now too. No, not so I can do laundry at Bob’s Washarama. I’m talking about a way to morph from a player with just a few master points in the Elite Eight to one with enough to contend for one of those top eight spots. Well, I certainly have my work cut out. For a change.


Have a great weekend, everyone!



As of September 28, 2022



RANK     PTS          NAME

1             1.92          Scully, Denny

2             1.76          Banoff, Neil

3             1.44          Hanold, David

4             1.28          Berg, Kevin

5             1.28          Lockett, Leslie

6             0.96          Anderson, Craig

7             0.96          Peters, Michael

8             0.96          Wright B. George

9             0.88          Nedelcu, Adrian

10           0.64          Chibnik, Bill

11           0.56          Robinson, Jay

12           0.48          O'Neill, Liam