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While we were all freezing our tushies off in single digit weather here in Chicago, club director, Bill Chibnik was off on a cruise in warmer climes, dealing with balmy breezes, fine wines and sumptuous feasts. Of course, on the other hand, he did not have the opportunity to be with us for another great night of play at Trudie’s Winnetka Backgammon Club. True, we did not have a cabin butler providing us with every amenity we may want like breakfast served on the veranda, having our evening wear pressed for the that night's dinner at the captain’s table, or even bring us a glass or freshly squeezed orange juice, whenever. But what we we did have was the warmth from the camaraderie shared by all that came to play this week. I for one not only felt the warmth, but also sweated through a great match in the semi-final round against Tournament Director Extraordinaire, David Hanold. I did lose that match to David and that allowed him to move on the finals in the Main bracket. Unfortunately due to our usual time constraints, David had to settle for a split of first and second place with Craig Anderson. David— you’re welcome.


And at right about the time that Bill was being served his second appletini of the night in a lounge chair on the promenade deck (Really, Bill? An appletini??), Vlad Eydelman defeated Neil Banoff in the Consolation bracket final. Both scenarios, satisfying to be sure. But you can bet Bill did not receive master points or pool money for sipping a couple of cocktails. That’ll teach him a lesson bout where his values should be. Harumph.


We do expect Bill to return to the club next week, hopefully relaxed and tanned from his cruise. And when he does, be sure to ask him for details about his getaway and when he will be going on a cruise again and confirm that he’s planning to take us all with him the next time he goes. But that’s next week. So for now, just have a next weekend and prepare yourself for another night of fun at our club.



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