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Jay's View

What’s your favorite music genre? I know that Neil Banoff likes rock n’ roll, in particular the oldies. Bill Chibnik and Denny Scully seem to favor country. Bill can also hold a conversation with the best of them about some of the greatest blues singers and musicians. For me, it’s definitely swing music. I can spend my day with Glen Miller, Benny Goodman or Tommie Dorsey playing in the background while I work (like right now).


It seems that my affinity for swing music was evident in my play last night at the club. However, the swing in my results over my four matches last night was not as much fun as listening to Duke Ellington playing, “Take the A Train”. I started out with what I’m sure was my best start ever, winning my first two matches by 5-0 margins. This gave me a 2-0, plus 10 mark going into my third match. 


Lost that by a score of 5-4 in a tight one to the evening’s eventual winner, Denny Scully. 


No problem, I thought. I can win my fourth match and still place in the money and master points for the first time this year. 


Lost that one with the same 5-4 score to Larry Morris in another tight one. I suddenly felt like I was being cut down at Woody Herman’s “Woodchopper’s Ball”. My game and excitement fell from great heights to a shocking low.




Well, as it turns out, one way is to do what Denny Scully did, which was to a play great game all night long and finish 4-0, plus 10. It was Denny’s first master points of the new year and he played great. His game has not ceased to improve since he studied the game a little more intensely over the past few years. Denny’s win put him in a 3-way ties for second place in the club standings. Those of us that might be listening to Glen Miller’s “American Patrol” salute you, sir!


Second place was going to be taken by the winner of my match with Larry Morris. By the end of the match, which Larry won, I felt like my heart had taken a “stamina’ at the Savoy”. L was up on Larry 3-0 and then made a great comeback thanks to strong checker play, smart use of the cube and just enough good rolls to finish me off. Win or lose, I thought it was one of the best matches I have played in for a long time. The bottom line is that Larry took second place prize money and master points, placing him in the #5 spot in the standings.


There was another tie for third and fourth place honors between Vlad Eydelman and David Marcus, with both finishing with solid 3-1, plus 3 performances. More solid play by two sold players at our club. Well done, gentlemen.


Okay, so now I get to dust myself off and come back and try again next week. No problem. When you love this game and the people you play with every week, it’s not so tough to keep coming back. See you next week, folks. Have a great weekend.