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- Our eight top end-of-the-year finishers
- One elite playoff 
- A chance for a share $1,000 in prize money!!

- Are you game??

With support from euronews, it's how we honor one of our club's favorite players of old.


Tom Terrill

Tom Terrill first arrived at our club in 2014 and quickly became known as one of the most entertaining and intelligent players to grace our club's tables of play. So you can imagine how saddened we were when Tom passed away in January of 2022.


A fine backgammon player, Tom added to his persona by enthralling everyone at the club during and between matches with rich anecdotes and tales of his adventures throughout his personal and business life that most can only imagine experiencing. He was truly a one-of-a-kind person who touched our hearts and enriched our view of life.

Backgammon table with dice and checkers.jpg

Trudie's Winnetka Backgammon Club

Our club in Winnetka, IL is the longest standing backgammon club in the Chicago area. It was started more than 35 years ago by Trudie Chibnik who had an unmatched love for the game. Trudie channeled that love into providing a place where the the local backgammon community -- regardless of skill level --  can come to enjoy a competitive yet friendly environment every Wednesday night.


Though she passed in 2019, she left behind a legacy of a love for the game to be shared by all. 


Dedicated to bringing people together

For the past 30 years euronews has been dedicated to serving a European community that shares one common interest -- clear, concise and factual information. Bringing a community together is at the core of the euronews mission .

That mission is to explain, bear witness, investigate and debate the news from Europe. The network asserts its uniqueness by offering news in 12 languages in five European nations through the hard work of 400 journalists from 30 different nationalities.That's how euronews serves  its community.

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